Liftmaster Screw Drive Opener Parts for Models 1000SD, 1000SDR, 2000SD, and 2000SDR:

Item Part Number


Not Shown 990LM Liftmaster 990LM Surge Protector.  Protects any garage door opener from harmful power surges.  Door opener circuit boards and other components are frequently damaged by power surges caused by lightening storms.  This surge protector has special terminals (colored connectors on bottom - see photo) that connect to, and protect, the Safety Sensors and the wall control station (only used with Liftmaster or Chamberlain openers manufactured after 1994).  Click here for 990LM manual $21.00 Ea.
Not Shown 25C20 Liftmaster 25C20 Drive Coupler.  Connects the motor output shaft to the screw that moves the trolley - looks like a "Combo" with a  spline on the inside. $3.50
Not Shown 41C4677 Liftmaster 41C4677 Complete Screw Drive Trolley Assembly. $16.20
 1 31D426 Liftmaster 31D426 Drive Shaft Cover $5.80
2 41B4245 Line Cord E-mail for price
3 30B363 Liftmaster 30B363 Capacitor for 1/2 HP opener $16.98
  30B387 Liftmaster 30B387 Capacitor for 1/3 HP opener $15.50
4 12A373 Capacitor Bracket E-mail for price
5 41A3150 Terminal Block E-mail for price
6 41D4671 Liftmaster 41D4671 Limit Switch Assembly $10.68
7 12D554 Liftmaster 12D554 Limit Switch Bracket E-mail for price
8 41D4759 Liftmaster 41D4759 Complete Motor Drive Assembly Discontinued
8A 144B41 Liftmaster 144B41 - 22 Tooth Pulley $9.00
8B 144B42 Liftmaster 144B42 - 28 Tooth Pulley $4.62
8C 20C14 Liftmaster 20C14 Drive Belt $7.54
8D 158A69 Liftmaster 158A69 Retainer Ring $1.00
9 41A4843 Liftmaster 41A4843 Interrupter Cup $2.88
10 41A4837 Liftmaster 41A4837 Worm Gear & Retainer Discontinued
11 41C4669 Wire Harness E-mail for price
12 41C4672 Liftmaster 41C4672 RPM Sensor $12.30
13 41D4674-10G Liftmaster 41D4674-10G Receiver Logic Board Assembly for 1000SDR & 2000SDR.

Click Here to Link to Current Logic Board Information (newest versions).

  41D4674-1C Liftmaster 41D4674-1F Receiver Logic Board Assembly for 1000SD & 2000SD.

Click Here to Link to Current Logic Board Information (newest versions).

14 Various Cover Discontinued
15 41C4840-4 Liftmaster 41C4840-4 Control Center Access Door $10.50 Ea.
16 175C123 Liftmaster 175C123 Light Socket $5.00
17 108D47 Liftmaster 108D47 Light Lens for Screw Drive Opener

These are no longer made or available through the manufacturer.


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